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About Us

About The Last Stitch Longarm Quilting and Design Studio


Wedding Quilts

Wrap yourself in love with a fabulous wedding quilt from our award winning quilters at the Last Stitch Quilting and Design Studio. The quilts are created to reflect the unique interests and personalities of each couple. Let us design and personalize your love story in fabric and thread.


The Last Stitch recently quilted this Double Wedding Ring Quilt. 

Nine digital patterns featuring the Rumdul Flower were design. 

The Rumdul Flower grows in nature and can be seen almost everywhere in Cambodia where the bride is from. 

Cambodia women are often compared to Rumdul Flower by the men.



 Anneke Wheaton at 831-623-4330 for an appointment to design your quilted love story.

107 B/C The Alameda, San Juan Bautista CA 95045